Episode 146 : David Epstein On Match Quality, Burnout, & “Range”

Featured Guest: David Epstein

  • Aug 22, 2019

“In some ways, you’re picking for someone that you don’t yet know”

David Epstein is an investigative reporter and author who just released the exquisite and challenging #1 New York Times bestselling book “Range.” In this conversation we explore specialization in medicine, the importance of having range, & Match Quality, which is the smartest take on the origins of burnout I’ve heard. Absolutely fascinating barely describes David’s research and perspectives this was really fun. 

Key Learnings

1. Walking into the Lion’s Den of specialization in medicine

2. Increasing specialization in medicine as inevitable, beneficial, but also riven with side effects

3. Wherein we discuss partial meniscus repair and orthopedic surgeon jokes

4. The problem with “years of acceleratingly narrow study” in a teacher-student relationship

5. Specialization as driver or mitigator of burnout in medicine

6. Match Quality and how it can change how we consider burnout in medicine

7. The error in thinking that specialized technologies can replace a human doctor

8. Diversity, pluripotency and our shared journey with Match Quality

9. The difference between having range and being a dilettante

10. Reaching outside the core of your normal network to become a better leader and colleague

11. Enabling range through technology

12. The concept of Talent-Based Branching and the importance of coaching to help optimize Match Quality

13. The time of fastest personality change and how it overlaps with when doctors choose their career

14. The origin of David’s interest in medicine and writing about Sudden Cardiac Death


Twitter: @DavidEpstein

David’s website: https://www.davidepstein.com

Junto Club: https://conversational-leadership.net/junto-club/

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