Episode 169 : Introducing Coda 2020 With Jesse Spurr & Courtney Howard

Featured Guest: Jesse Spurr & Courtney Howard

  • Feb 06, 2020

“Action feels better than anxiety”

Jesse Spurr is an ICU nurse, Dr. Courtney Howard is an Emergency physician, and they are both essential parts of a new international healthcare conference: Coda 2020. We discuss both why and how Coda will focus on climate change, the unique approach to information sharing and collaboration it will engender, and just what is at stake.

Coda 2020 is going to be very special, and I am honored to announce that I will be participating as a member of the conference faculty. Please check out the website and stand by to register! Registration goes live on April 1, 2020. Coda takes place in Melbourne, Australia from Sept 28-Oct 2, 2020.

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Key Learnings

1. The resonance of viewing Earth as our sick patient in need of resuscitation

2. How Courtney learned about the connection between climate change & human health

3. Solistalgia and eco-anxiety

4. The origins of Coda as a collaboration to tackle global health issues starting with climate change and the excitement it engenders

5. How climate change can impact both health and health care systems and the thrill of engaging across disciplines to help solve the problem

6. Getting out of echo chambers and creating a diverse audience so Coda has a profound ripple effect.

7. The irreverent, iconoclastic style of the conference & The Four Pillars of Coda

8. Strategies for keeping the  call to action from Coda sticky and resonant when we get home

9. What’s actually going to happen in the day to day at Coda, and why you should come


Twitter @courtghoward @codachange @inject_orange

Coda 2020 homepage

Courtney’s website

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