Episode 86 : Keith Murray On Responding To A Mass Shooting

Featured Guest: Keith Murray

  • Dec 10, 2018

Dr. Keith Murray is an Emergency Physician at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and serves as Medical Director for Pittsburgh SWAT. He was a part of the first responder units that entered the Tree Of Life Synagogue during the mass shooting that occurred there on October 27th. He joins us to discuss becoming a SWAT Medical Director as well as his experiences before, during and after the shooting.

Key Learnings

1.   Defining the role of a Medical Director for a SWAT team

2. Finding a niche in being part of a First Responder unit as a physician

3. The scope of responsibility for a SWAT Medical Director

4. The things Dr. Murray carries when going into the field

5. Drilling and training for a mass shooting

6. Notification about the Tree Of Life Synagogue shooting

7. What allows Dr. Murray to drive towards danger

8. Arriving at Tree Of Life and entering the building

9. Ready to fight versus ready to save lives: tactical versus medical awareness

10. Assessing the wound patterns from an AR-15 assault rifle

11. Rescuing two wounded SWAT officers and the end of the engagement

12. The post-incident debriefing and recovery process

13. What feels different in Pittsburgh after the shooting

14. Back to work in the ED the next day

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