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Join me as we explore the space between those who provide care with those who need it.

Welcome to Explore The Space Podcast

On this podcast, we speak with leaders, innovators, and adventurers from across the human experience. Here in the archive, we can dive into the 4 Pillars that support this effort: Leadership & Culture, Illness & Recovery, Innovation & Education, and The Mental & Physical Edge. Each episode has ideas to spark your curiosity, lessons to learn from, and concepts to help bring us closer together in the healthcare space.

  • May 12, 2015

Bob Wachter On The Digital Doctor

Bob Wachter

Dr. Bob Wachter, recently named the Most Influential Physician Executive in America by Modern Healthcare, joins the podcast to discuss his new and provocative book “The Digital Doctor”....

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  • May 08, 2015

Explore The Space!

Christopher Walken

We are up and off the ground! Explore The Space is dedicated to finding important issues in healthcare and connecting with the universal experiences we all have wrestling with these issues. This is a ...

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