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Healthcare is one of the most ambitious and complex elements of the human experience. It is also ubiquitous; we all come in contact with the world of healthcare throughout our lives. Healthcare was and remains my calling and the professional challenge and thrill of a lifetime. Throughout my own evolving journey, the one constant, the one place where the calling is clear is the human interaction.

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Annie Andrews On Sprinting Towards Election Day
Annie Andrews

"I've been able to do this and stay very true to who I am and why I'm running" Dr. Annie Andrews is a Pediatrician and the Democratic nominee for Congress in the South Carolina First District. Her campaign has been electric and she is a...

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Marie Bismark On Sharing Healthcare Worker Experiences
Marie Bismark

"I knew that 1 in 10 of those healthcare workers was thinking life is not worth living" Dr. Marie Bismark is a public health physician, health lawyer, health services researcher. She is now an advanced trainee in psychiatry and serves on the Board of Directors...

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Alok Patel On Demystifying Public Speaking
Alok Patel

"People don't want perfection. People want to see a human talking to them" Dr. Alok Patel is a pediatric hospitalist, medical correspondent for ABC News, and host of multiple cable TV shows. He joins Explore The Space Podcast to discuss processes for getting comfortable with...

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Illness & Recovery

We hear from those who’ve been at the sharp edge of sickness and recovery. Their stories help us get better at navigating these unique challenges.

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We learn to improve ourselves, our teams, and our lives through hard-won lessons around leadership and building strong culture.

The Mental & Physical Edge

We derive unique and vital lessons to provide the right mental and physical tools for moving through the healthcare space.

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We consider insights, technologies, and techniques from scientists, physicians, and journalists to sharpen our understanding of the rapid changes in healthcare.


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Dr. Shapiro is an incredible storyteller and does a phenomenal job of helping his guests tell their stories. His podcast is entertaining from beginning to end and incredibly informative.

- Dr Bret

Everyone interested in healthcare should be listening to this podcast. Fantastic discussions with great guests.

- Pod9955

Love the interviews and common sense digging-for-gold style Mark takes with his guests. If you’re looking for deep conversations around health and medicine, you’ve come to the right place.

- Junkilo

The content is fantastic! The show covers aspects of healthcare that aren’t covered in any other podcast. Highly recommended!

- Dr Bellezzo

Highly informative and very relatable to normal life. Dr. Mark is very passionate about the subject matter. I highly recommend this podcast.

- Rosc72


Mark Shapiro is a practicing Hospitalist and Medical Director in Santa Rosa, CA. He grew up in Santa Rosa and from there went south to UCLA for his undergraduate education. While on the road to medical school, he got his degree in History with a focus on the American Civil War and worked as a sportswriter for the Daily Bruin.

He completed his medical school training at Baylor College of Medicine and his Internal Medicine residency at UC-San Diego before spending 10 years as a Hospitalist with Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group in San Diego. He served as Chief of the Department of Medicine at Sharp Memorial Hospital before moving back to his hometown. He currently works as a Hospitalist and Medical Director with St. Joseph Health Medical Group at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

When not working or podcasting, Mark enjoys spending time with his family, playing tennis, and roasting coffee.

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