Healthcare is one of the most ambitious and complex elements of the human experience. It is also ubiquitous; we all come in contact with the world of healthcare throughout our lives.

Healthcare was and remains my calling and the professional challenge and thrill of a lifetime. Throughout my own evolving journey, the one constant, the one place where the calling is clear is the human interaction. Whether I’m at the bedside with a patient, in front of a room of doctors, or working during a natural disaster, it’s the interactions with those next to me that resonate the most. These interactions all take place in an ever-changing and challenging environment, with gaps and mysteries throughout.

Explore The Space is my effort to better connect those who provide care with those who need it, to explore the space between these spheres. This show leverages the joy of interaction, of stories, of conversation to do this work. There are 4 pillars of conversation that guide this journey and make up the show.

By engaging with thought leaders within each pillar and drawing out their amazing experiences, ideas, motivations and lessons, Explore The Space seeks to make the world of healthcare less complex, more accessible, more human.

Join us.