Explore The Space is about sharing knowledge & building community. Our premium merchandise reflects these goals through powerful statements & brilliant art from amazing artists.

Step Into The Tension
Life is filled with moments of friction & tension. We choose how we face those moments. “Step Into The Tension” is the mindset we embrace here.

Art by Blanca Molina (http://blancacreative.com, IG @blanca.creative)

You are a whole person who does many things well. Celebrate the fact that you are Pluripotent while helping others learn the same about themselves.

Art by Grace Farris, MD (https://farrisgrace.com, IG @coupdegracefarris, Twitter @gracefarris)

Hard Co-Sign
We don’t do platitudes on Explore The Space. We say what we mean & we endorse with vigor. “Hard Co-Sign” is the best way to share this mindset.

Art by Mike Natter, MD (https://www.mikenattermedical.com, IG @mike.natter, Twitter @mike_natter)

Explore The Space
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