Episode 122 : Alexa Miller On Art, Observation, & Learning

Featured Guest: Alexa Miller

  • May 23, 2019

“Be able to acknowledge the limits of knowledge, be authentic, and invitational to other perspectives on the edge of the unknown”

Alexa Miller is an artist and creator of Arts Practica, which builds experiential learning opportunities that allow leaders, practitioners, and teachers in healthcare to be more effective and mindful in uncertainty. She joins us to discuss the incredible rise of her work, the impact it’s having, and the ways we can liberate our powers of observation. 

Key Learnings

1. A reading and discussion on the importance of a curious spirit

2. Understanding the ripple effect of her work and seeing the lineage grow

3. The rapid growth of art, observation, and medicine and what makes our profession want to be so agile around this topic.

4. Data, impact, and response to using these tools

5. How a tour with Alexa begins and a discussion of the value of space

6. The ways in which art and the power of observation at the edge of uncertainty applies to other industries

7. Being a Fellow for the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine

8. The wonder of dotMD

9. What we should do with liberated energy as a tool for getting better?


Arts Practica: http://www.artspractica.com

Twitter: @artspractica

dotMD conference: http://www.dotmd.ie

Looking with Uncertainty (Instagram): https://www.instagram.com/lookingwithuncertainty/

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