Episode 162 : Amy Goldberg & Scott Charles On “Cradle To Grave”

Featured Guest: Amy Goldberg & Scott Charles

  • Dec 17, 2019

“We have the same heart, and we want the same objectives”

Dr. Amy Goldberg is a Trauma Surgeon & Professor of Surgery & Scott Charles is Trauma Outreach Coordinator at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. Together, they have collaborated on a remarkable hospital-based gun violence intervention & prevention program called Cradle To Grave. We discuss their collaboration and impact, as well as barriers they’ve faced & how they support and sustain one another. They are brilliant and engaging, this is a fantastic conversation.

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Key Learnings

1. Amy’s desire to collaborate around the issue of gun violence

2. How Amy advocated for Scott’s role as full-time Trauma Outreach Coordinator

3. Developing trust & respect as a cornerstone of collaboration

4. The educational cornerstones of Cradle To Grave, especially in juxtaposition to how gun violence is portrayed in popular media

5. Why there are not many other similar programs around the country

6. Scott’s efforts and impact around distributing gun locks & the importance of safe storage

7. How Scott & Amy sustain the work and one another


Scott’s Twitter: @thescottcharles

Amy’s Twitter: @AJGTempleSurg

Cradle To Grave website

Temple University Hospital Safety Net Programs

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