Episode 214 : Amy Oxentenko On The Grind & Adaptive Leadership

Featured Guest: Amy Oxentenko

  • Dec 10, 2020

“The daily grind doesn’t worry me, doesn’t intimidate me, doesn’t bother me so much”

Dr. Amy Oxentenko is a Professor of Medicine and Chair of the Dept of Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. She is a truly superb leader and brilliant teacher and she joins us to talk about The Grind of the day-to-day work and the importance of adaptive leadership, especially during a crisis.

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Key Learnings

1. What does the Grind look like

2. Does the Grind precipitate anxiety?

3. The importance of the book “Crucial Conversations” and how Dr. Oxentenko uses leadership books

4. Leadership books vs real-life experience

5. Reconciling tension between someone needing “more experience” and the value of on the job training

6. Term limits in medical leadership as a way to help elevate new leaders and prevent stagnation

7. Running as a restorative technique

8. Dealing with new challenges superimposed on the Grind and being able to pivot

9. Adaptive leadership during the pandemic and during a cross-country move

10. Speaking for voices that don’t feel comfortable doing so

11. The power of data to improve inclusivity and drive change

12. Dr. Oxentenko’s appetite for more


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