Connective Tissue


Recently I got a call from a friend who listened to the episode on Crisis Leadership with George Gittleman. Amidst his effusive praise, he noted that I use the term “connective tissue” frequently on episodes of the show. We work together every day and both agree that I never use that term in regular conversation. I liked histology and pathology in medical school, but I never drop “connective tissue” in regular conversation.

A deal was struck, every time I say “connective tissue”, I owe $1. On the podcast, in a meeting, with patients, whatever. Say connective tissue, pay a buck.

This is going to get expensive.

Here’s why.

This week, Explore The Space was named Doximity’s Podcast Of The Week. This is no small deal for a number of reasons, not least of which is that Doximity is LinkedIn for physicians.

Guess what the human body uses to link things together (or Link In, not to overdo the metaphor)… you got it right in one! Connective tissue.

This same week, I hosted an old friend on the show. Eric Byrnes and I have known each other since freshman year in Rieber Hall at UCLA. He went off to play Major League baseball for a whole bunch of years, enter the UCLA Sports Hall Of Fame, then finally do something impressive by swimming, cycling, and running across the USA this summer to raise money for the Let Them Play Foundation. He also wrote a book that I was lucky enough to blurb!

His path connects so naturally to the show’s Pillar of The Mental & Physical Edge, it’s not even funny. A college friendship connects us, the podcast connects his story to you. Again not to overstate the symbolism, but…connective tissue once again!

Meanwhile, this week I’ve been much more active on Twitter (from @ETSshow) and am finding so many like-minded people with an interest in discussing the interface between healthcare and society in all sorts of creative ways. I feel like while I am connecting (wait for it), people are connecting with the show (hang on) and more and more bridges are being build across the space between healthcare and those who seek it. What will finally close that space? (brace for impact!)

In whatever form, in whatever strength, in whatever amount; connective tissue.

Thankfully we never agreed I have to pay if I write it!


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