Episode 84 : George Gittleman On Crisis Leadership

Featured Guest: George Gittleman

  • Nov 27, 2018

Rabbi George Gittleman is the Senior Rabbi at Congregation Shomrei Torah in Santa Rosa, CA. Over the course of navigating crises like September 11th, the Sonoma County Wildfires, and the recent Tree of Life Synagogue shooting, he has run the gamut of experiences in leadership under pressure. He joins us to discuss the extraordinary insights he has gathered and the tools he uses to be at his best when it is needed most.

Key Learnings

1. Recognizing when the normal parameters around leadership go away

2. Learning to handle a community crisis and his own fight or flight response

3. Dealing with his community needs after 9/11 and what he learned to do differently

4. The desire to flee when the Sonoma County Wildfires broke out and how he pushed through

5. How Rabbi George overcomes the flight response so he can lead effectively

6. The power of using the emotion within an environment as a leadership tool

7. How self-discovery informs effective leadership

8. Recognizing and dealing with leadership failures

9. Disruptive behavior and how he overcomes it

10. The impact of mental agility and emotional stability in a crisis

11. The impact and evaluation of the recent Interfaith Ceremony

12. What professions would be good to cross-pollinate with around leadership

13. The personal cost of leadership, how he restores himself, and the importance of a good work environment

The Interfaith Solidarity Service can be viewed here.

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