Episode 85 : Eric Byrnes On Mental Toughness & Going Hard

Featured Guest: Eric Byrnes

  • Dec 04, 2018

Eric Byrnes comes back after writing a book and completing the Triathlon Across America. We cover transitioning from Major League Baseball, how his definition of mental toughness has changed, and creating Team Go-Hard.

Key Learnings

1. Eric & I start the podcast saying nice things about one another

2. Being asked to talk about The Mental & Physical Edge

3. How Eric using triathlons to dig out of a post-baseball career rut

4. The Triathlon Across America: 55 days from San Francisco to Manhattan

5. Creating Let Them Play Foundation to help address the lack of physical activity programs for America’s children

6. Dopamine Jumps in Philadelphia!

7. Eric’s definition of mental toughness

8. How we create a feeling of confidence in ourselves

9. “Don’t Take Your Feelings So Personally”

10. Eric’s personal philosophies and how his father helped define them

11. The book, the blog, the Tri Across America, and what’s coming up for Team Go-Hard

12. What Eric and I will discuss next time he comes on the show (hint: ankle the size of a watermelon will be heavily featured)


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