Episode 194 : Ndidi Unaka On Racism In Medicine

Featured Guest: Ndidi Unaka

  • Jul 19, 2020

“We in healthcare really need to reconcile where we are & how we can do better”

Dr. Ndidi Unaka is a Pediatric Hospitalist & Associate Pediatric Residency Director at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital. She joins Explore The Space Podcast to discuss “Truth In Tension: Reflections On Racism In Medicine” which is her remarkable & incisive Perspectives piece in Journal Of Hospital Medicine. We cover stepping into tension, the crossroads we are at, the urgency of the moment, and the power of allyship.

You can also hear Dr. Unaka on Monday July 20th at 1:30 PST/4:30 EST in a panel entitled “Impact Of Racism In Medicine” as part of the virtual Pediatric Hospital Medicine 2020 Annual Meeting.

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Key Learnings

1. Dr. Unaka’s use of the word “Tension” in the title of the essay, the tensions she feels and experiences as a Black woman in medicine, & the ways she stepped into those tensions writing this essay

2. The multiple challenges borne of structural racism the article tackles in a small literary space

3. Urgency, being at a crossroads, and the importance of taking action

4. Juxtaposing waste and squander with urgency and action

5. The importance and value of highlighting inequitable practices in patient care

6. The critical need to properly assign value and make people whole when they are asked to do work around diversity and inclusion

7. The frustration that comes when asked to do work around diversity without the proper time and compensation protections in place

8. How do we keep our buckets full and how this connects to allyship

9. The impact allyship from leaders and supervisors can have, especially in cultivating an antiracist environment

10. Broadening our thinking when it comes to promotions

11. Being grounded to purpose & learning to say no


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