Episode 141 : Teresa Chan On Releasing The Kraken

Featured Guest: Teresa Chan

  • Aug 05, 2019

“The new academic has the potential to release the research Kraken”

Teresa Chan is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at McMaster University and Social Media Lead for the Department of Medicine. She is also a cornerstone in the emergence of digital and social media in the profession of medicine. We discuss her extraordinary list of achievements to date, the importance of job security, #SoMe as a leveler, and the fun of mentorship in this space. She is smart, accomplished, witty, and a true visionary.

Key Learnings

1. An incredible checklist!

2. Connecting digitally as a tool for driving creativity and research

3. Boardgames!

4. Job security as an accelerant of social media use

5. Leveling the professional playing field on social media

6. How employers, journals & professional societies are adapting to the new social media landscape

7. Folding Instagram into the current #SoMe workflow

8. Excitement around mentorship in the social media world and the thrill of elevating others


Twitter @TchanMD

Google Scholar: Teresa Chan

Teresa’s website: www.TChanMD.com

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