Episode 140 : Janae Sharp On Speaking Up For Doctors

Featured Guest: Janae Sharp

  • Aug 01, 2019

“I’m in the unique position to say things that physicians can’t.”

Janae Sharp is the founder of The Sharp Index and a powerful voice for physician well-being in the wake of her husband’s suicide. She is a remarkably strong person and an incredible physician advocate. We cover the current state around physician burnout, what makes us angry, creating The Sharp Index, and her wish list to make things better including a proper Next-Level Bonkers idea (23:20)

Key Learnings

1. Coming to decision to share her story around physician suicide

2. Places where things are getting better around physician suicide and burnout.

3. Frustrations and anger around blame-shifting & lack of attention for survivors

4. Why the voice of non-physician is so resonant in speaking on behalf of physicians around burnout and suicide

5. The seed crystal idea behind creating The Sharp Index and demonstrating the maxim “perfection is the enemy of progress”

6. Learning about the impact of electronic health records with her health IT background.

7. Wherein Janae drops a Next-Level Bonkers idea!

8. The challenge of tempo


Twitter: @CoherenceMed

The Sharp Index: https://sharpindex.org

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