Episode 139 : Tom Varghese On Kindness & #HeForShe

Featured Guest: Tom Varghese

  • Jul 30, 2019

“We have to be sure we create the world where everybody is heard, everybody has value, & we embrace everybody”

Tom Varghese is the Executive Medical Director of The Huntsman Cancer Institute and a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. He is also an incredibly kind and positive ambassador for the profession of Medicine on stage, in the OR, and on social media. We discuss a new day in surgical culture, being a He for She ambassador, and how men can be allies in the fight for gender equality in medicine

Key Learnings

1. Tom’s evolution on social media and impact of positive communication

2. How’s Tom’s approach reflects on a new era of building culture in the profession of surgery and in the operating room

3. The apex of the hubris pyramid and the epic Alec Baldwin “I am God” monologue

4. Appreciating every person and role that participates in surgical care

5. Being a #HeForShe ambassador and the culture of accountability & transparency that accompanies this work

6. The pushback Tom has received for his advocacy work

7. Women that we can all look up to in the world of surgery

8. Wherein Tom takes the stage to help men learn to be advocates for gender equality


Twitter: @tomvarghesejr

Women in Medicine Summit, Chicago: https://www.womeninmedicinesummit.org/

Association of Women Surgeons Annual Meeting: https://www.womensurgeons.org/page/AnnualConference

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