Episode 138 : Jennifer Best On Welcoming Interns

Featured Guest: Jennifer Best

  • Jul 26, 2019

“Uncertainty never goes away. You just cultivate this beautiful, terrible relationship with it over time”

Jennifer Best is Associate Professor of Medicine and Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education at University of Washington. She joins us after spending several weeks serving as supervising attending physician for a multidisciplinary team including a group of new Internal Medicine interns. We discuss helping change mindset from medical student to physician, building a relationship with uncertainty & answering the question “does this get easier?”

Key Learnings

1.  The mindset needed for an attending to help interns settle in and create group expectations

2.  An exercise in team-building that resonates and why Medicine Team A is hired

3. Recurring tension points that Jennifer is alert for working with new interns (this is gold!)

4. Why its time to retire “Intern” as a label

5. The value of direct language in a team structure

6. Building a relationship with uncertainty

7. Superstitions & nutrition points that are passed down through the generations

8. Does this get easier?


Twitter: @drjenniferbest

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