Episode 188 : Vinny Arora On The Minority Tax & Covid19 Upheaval In Promotions

Featured Guest: Vinny Arora

  • Jun 20, 2020

“There’s always this unwritten rule about evaluating a woman’s CV”

Dr. Vineet Arora is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Chicago and a co-author of the Women In Medicine Covid19 Contribution Matrix for your CV. Dr. Arora joins us to discuss the upheaval Covid19 has caused in career advancement across the profession of medicine, particularly for women and minorities. We explore the “Minority Tax” in promotions, how structural racism and sexism drive this disruption, and how critical it is for individuals to capture all of their work in their CV. 

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Key Learnings

1. A strategic view of the upheaval Covid has caused for promotions & retention pipelines, particularly for women & underrepresented minorities

2. How structural racism and sexism in academic promotions drive the “minority tax”

3. The critical need for flexibility and support in reaching benchmarks in the promotions pipeline instead of the vicious cycle those who are vulnerable in the pipeline are facing

4. What people are seeing with regards to their futures instead of what they should be seeing from their institutions

5. The callous disregard for childbirth in the promotions process and how it is a perfect example of structural inequity.

6. Capturing the various contributions related to Covid and the story behind the WIM matrix

7. How grassroots efforts can impact decision-making at the committee level

8. Acknowledging that our jobs have changed and won’t be going back to where they were


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LinkedIn: VineetArora

Women In Medicine Summit Covid19 CV Matrix

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