Episode 94 : Mark Hertling On Developing Leaders

Featured Guest: Mark Hertling

  • Feb 12, 2019

Mark Hertling dedicated 37 years of service to the United States Army, serving in two wars before retiring as a Lieutenant General. He then stepped into developing physician leaders and has found tremendous success in this crossover. His book “Growing Physician Leaders” is superb and is applicable across many fields, not just medicine. We discuss his unique post-Army career, where the tension points exist within medical leadership, and how his curriculum works.

Key Learnings

1   Transitioning from the United States Army into medical leadership development

2.  Why a retired General would be a good fit for medicine, according to Disney

3. First impressions looking under the hood & the importance of serendipity

4. The value of interdisciplinary learning to develop trust

5. First impressions of leadership in healthcare as he started his work, especially what is not working

6. Gaps and tension points in healthcare leadership and the reasons they exist

7. Overcoming “What the hell is the hospital trying to make us do?”

8. The value of continuing, lifelong leadership training

9. Helping physicians reclaim the aspirational part of their work as a component of leadership training

10. Examining tension between servant leadership (physicians) vs  transactional leadership (administration)

11. The importance of “We”

12. The granular components of learning and connecting in healthcare leadership training (I loved this part!)

13. The extraordinary opportunity medicine has to tap into a deep and broad well of potential leaders

14. How leadership training ripples into every component of life including relationships and burnout mitigation


Florida Hospital page:


Mark’s book: “Growing Physician Leaders”

Mark’s Twitter feed: @markhertling

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