Episode 171 : Ken Berlin On The Climate Reality Project

Featured Guest: Ken Berlin

  • Feb 20, 2020

“The interests of the public are greater than the interests of special interest groups that oppose it”

Ken Berlin is the President & CEO of The Climate Reality Project, an essential organization working against climate change. We discuss how to spur individual & organizational movement on climate, why the political lever is the most crucial one to pull in 2020, and how to become a Climate Reality Leader.

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Key Learnings

1. The strategic view of the current state of climate change activism and advocacy

2. How large organizations from the business world are being engaged

3. Examining the disproportionate impact of climate change on economically disadvantaged communities

4. How Climate Reality tries to be agile in a changing climate environment

5. Spurring movement on climate change: showing it’s an issue people must pay attention to and that there are solutions available

6. Dealing with climate change denial

7. Levers to maintain and propagate a sense of hope and progress

8. Acknowledging the importance of the 2020 US election in driving towards progress on climate change, getting people to vote, and helping politicians understand there is a mandate for change

9. What happens when an athlete or celebrity divests from a company over climate change response

10. Why Ken came to the world of climate change advocacy

11. Why having doctors and healthcare professionals engaging in climate change advocacy is some vital

12. Becoming a Climate Reality Leader


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The Climate Reality Project

Becoming a Climate Reality Leader

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