Episode 170 : Richard Horton On The Lancet & Social Change

Featured Guest: Richard Horton

  • Feb 12, 2020

“It was a thinking about how we could use a journal as an instrument for social change”

Dr. Richard Horton is a physician & the Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet. He joins to discuss the extraordinary path towards social change this massively influential journal is walking, why physicians have an obligation to engage in nonviolent protest around climate change, & how he seeks to make the advancement of science for the good of society a primary goal amidst the commercialization of science

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Key Learnings

1. The meaning of responsibility and legacy

2. How The Lancet is reinventing itself as an instrument of social change and social action

3. Recognizing that climate change is the greatest existential threat we face

4. The long record of The Lancet advocating for physicians participating in peaceful, nonviolent protest

5. Dr. Horton’s statement on physician’s responsibility around climate change

6. How the National Health Service (NHS) is hardwired into the British mindset

7. Health, connection, and solidarity

8. Cross-over appeal and how The Lancet is seeking a broader audience and leverage social change

9. Hearing from people in China about coronavirus and the importance of elevating those voices in The Lancet

10. The importance of combining political power with evidence to leverage social change

11. Have any editors from other medical journals reached out to learn from The Lancet?

12. Wherein the founding documents of The Enlightenment are referenced

13. Moving away from the commercialization of science and towards Enlightenment aspirations of advancing the well-being of society.

14. Richard’s interest in examining the impact of capitalism on human health


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The Lancet Countdown report for 2020

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