Episode 196 : Adam Hill On Removing Stigma

Featured Guest: Adam Hill

  • Aug 03, 2020

“That one person you thought was an “addict,” well, that’s me”

Dr. Adam Hill is a Pediatric Oncologist & Palliative Care specialist. He is also the author of the stunning book “Long Walk Out Of The Woods” which chronicles his downward spiral & ongoing recovery from alcohol use disorder. We discuss Attrition Mindset, the frightening ways Covid19 has exposed everyone’s mental health vulnerabilities, & the importance of being able to process grief.

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Key Learnings

1. The intersection of Adam’s book and the Covid19 pandemic, especially how our profession has failed to create effective structures around wellness and inclusion.

2. Attrition Mindset and how it has been normalized in medicine

3. The “Pained Look” and a personal story of mine

4. How medicine has normalized suffering in silence

5. Why “wellness” lacks any meaning without intention

6. Where is the low hanging fruit for an institution to being changing culture around mental health and substance use disorders

7. The critical need to normalize mental health for physicians and healthcare professionals during a pandemic

8. Being on the anxiety rollercoaster of Covid19

9. Creating space for someone to tell you they are not ok

10. The gap in physician training around processing death and grief and how it can impact us downstream

11. Dissecting the cover of “Long Walk Out Of The Woods”

12. Staying in a Recovery Mindset while still helping others

13. How Adam has leveraged social media as a platform for sharing his journey


Twitter @AdamHill1212

Adam’s website

Link to “Long Walk Out Of The Woods”

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