Episode 95 : Ingrid Nembhard On Organizational Culture & Learning

Featured Guest: Ingrid Nembhard

  • Feb 14, 2019

Ingrid Nembhard is an Associate Professor of Health Care Management at the University of Pennsylvania and she is the definition of a pluripotent researcher, teacher & mentor. She studies and coaches around how we can improve team-based culture  & organizational learning. We discuss the importance of feeling part of a high-performing team, how team-based culture forms, and how it translates into patient-centered care. This is riveting stuff & her insights are amazing!

Key Learnings

1.  What gets Ingrid up in the morning and what brought her to healthcare

2.  Being a pluripotent scholar, what “Eureka” moments her down the path of healthcare?

3.  The experience of stepping into healthcare organizational improvement and the reception when she starts working with a new team

4.  Why it’s important to be at the front lines when she starts a project

5. The creativity that comes from “dissatisfied” people and the value of context

6. Understanding an organization’s culture to determine what’s possible, relevant, and useful

7. Organizational learning and the impact of new knowledge, especially in healthcare

8. How the intersection of organization culture and learning intersect to help drive progress

9. Why team-based culture is a common topic Ingrid is called to help with and a pivotal issue in the success of a healthcare organization

10. Hierarchy vs teamwork and the impact of how team members feel about their work

11. The challenge for a physician who trained in a hierarchical environment who now is joining an organization that focuses on teamwork

12. The vital nature of leadership in driving psychological safety and developing culture

13. Recurring strengths that healthcare organizations can build on

14. The central dogma of decision-making in healthcare

15. Ingrid’s goals for the future and places where her impact will be greatly felt


Ingrid’s UPenn page: https://hcmg.wharton.upenn.edu/profile/ingridn/#research

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