Episode 187 : Lashyra Nolen On What She Sees

Featured Guest: Lashyra Nolen

  • Jun 05, 2020

“There’s this connection between all of these events, and that is systemic racism”

Lashyra “Lash” Nolen is a medical student, President of the Class of 2023 at Harvard Medical School, and an accomplished author and social media voice. We discuss the intersection of Covid19, healthcare disparities, police violence, and systemic racism as well as the critical need for lifetime antiracism work, the destructive impact medical hierarchies have on Black medical students and much more.

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Key Learnings

1. Seeing the connections between the systemic racism ingrained in our nation with Covid19, the murder of George Floyd, and who we are as Americans

2.  Our raw state and the need for lifelong work combatting racism and anti-Blackness in our country as an acute-on-chronic issue

3. Examples of how Covid19 laid bare so many disparities that are currently hard-wired in our nation, including  her grandfather

4. The importance of not letting the dust settle in what will be the work of our lifetime against systemic racism

5. Avoiding the comfort zone while wading into this space and the importance of trying to do the work of an anti-racist advocate

6. The destructive impact medical hierarchies have on Black medical students and the horrid choice they will can be forced to make

7. Assessing the appetite for change within medical education and learning to prioritize

8. The right ways to mobilize medical students and healthcare professionals in general around anti-racism training

9. What starting the second year of medical school might feel like


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