Episode 185 : Danielle Scheurer On Leading The Society of Hospital Medicine

Featured Guest: Danielle Scheurer

  • May 21, 2020

“These types of shifts don’t scare me”

Dr. Danielle Scheurer is the President of the Society of Hospital Medicine & a practicing Hospitalist. She took office right at the start of the #Covid19 pandemic & has skillfully navigated this critical organization (I am a proud SHM member, full disclosure) through the first part of the pandemic. We discuss the need for agility, growing SHM while under tremendous pressure, and leveraging decentralized engagement. Absolutely fascinating from a great leader.

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Key Learnings

1. How Danielle grew into medical leadership with Society of Hospital Medicine

2. The critical nature of agility when dealing with the Covid19 era

3. Reflecting on how SHM immediately became a convenor & distributor of information at the outset of the pandemic

4. Dealing with need for effective communication when information is coming in a flood and ensuring multiple platforms are available

5. Getting focused on retaining current members and reaching new members to ensure all Hospitalists are supported during the pandemic

6. How to repurpose all of the content that was canceled after the SHM Annual Meeting was postponed

7. How Covid is bringing the international Hospitalist community closer together

8. Bringing medical students and residents into the fold by emphasizing local chapter meetings in a decentralized engagement strategy

9. Social media as a critical engagement strategy for SHM

10. The critical need for a sound strategy to keep the organization running and solvent moving forward


Society of Hospital Medicine

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