Episode 184 : Vinny Arora & Samir Shah On Equity, Promotions, & Covid19

Featured Guest: Vinny Arora & Samir Shah

  • May 08, 2020

“This could lead to a lost generation of women falling off the path”

Dr. Samir Shah is a Professor of Pediatrics and is Editor-In-Chief of the Journal Of Hospital Medicine. Dr. Vinny Arora is a Professor of Medicine and is Social Media Editor for the Journal of Hospital Medicine.

In part 2 of our conversation (click here for part 1) we discuss JHM’s leadership in actively promoting diversity, the critical need for agility in how Promotion & Tenure committees operate, and ways we can track the work and be accountable.

This two-part podcast is produced in partnership with the Journal of Hospital Medicine, the Society of Hospital Medicine’s monthly peer-review journal. To read more on COVID-19 and its impact on hospital medicine, please visit www.journalofhospitalmedicine.com 

All JHM content related to Covid19 is available open access to the public.

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Key Learnings

1. Highlighting the fact that women and underrepresented minorities remain underrepresented in senior faculty and leadership positions

2. How Covid19 is wreaking havoc on promoting women & underrepresented minorities in academic medicine. Dr. Arora’s superb Twitter thread is here

3. The desperate need for Promotion & Tenure committees to demonstrate agility in the face of Covid unmasking inequities and causing huge financial challenges

4. Acknowledging that Journal of Hospital Medicine has the ability to actually do something about this & how JHM leads by example

5. Breaking ground by being the 1st journal to collect demographic information from its authors to assess gender, race & ethnicity for first authors & senior authors

6. Turning awareness into action by giving agency to women and underrepresented minorities

7.  Calling on P & T to adjust for the Covid pandemic when a promotions package is reviewed

8.  How to track data, report it, and disseminate solutions


Dr. Shah’s article laying out the challenge we face & JHM’s commitment to improve it

Dr. Arora’s Twitter thread from 4/26/2020 


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