Episode 71 : Sam Quinones On The Opioid Epidemic

Featured Guest: Sam Quinones

  • Jun 08, 2018

Sam Quinones is an investigative journalist who wrote an extraordinary book about the opioid epidemic in America called “Dreamland.” He joins us to talk about the tremendous challenges he found in writing the book, how the book helped break the story of the opioid epidemic, and his brilliant insights on the road forward in this epidemic. In parts frightening and inspiring, this is an amazing discussion

Key Points

  1. Starting his investigation into the opioid epidemic
  2. The collision of opioid prescribing and heroin marketing
  3. The spread of “the horror story monster”
  4. Why prison is the best place to interview a drug dealer
  5. Finding people with a story to tell about opioid addiction
  6. Why so many addicts hid their story for so long
  7. The darkest moments in “Dreamland”
  8. Constructing the book so the story takes life
  9. Importance of pain strategies that don’t rely solely on opioids
  10. Novel approaches at the community level to tackling the epidemic
  11. How an isolating drug is prompting Americans to work together
  12. Finding inspiration in the ways communities can and are rebuilding
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