Episode 72 : Colleen Kraft On Immigrant Child Separation

Featured Guest: Colleen Kraft

  • Jun 25, 2018

Dr. Colleen Kraft is the President of the American Academy of Pediatrics and she has been a pivotal voice in helping us understand the scope of the immigrant child separation crisis. She joins us to discuss the physical, emotional, and developmental harm these children are exposed to as well as where things stand with reuniting them with their families.

Key Topics

  1. How and when the issue of child separation came to Dr. Kraft’s attention
  2. Images from the detention centers as a national Rorschach test
  3. Is infrastructure in place to provide proper nutrition, healthcare, hygiene and basic care?
  4. The lack of knowledge around what is going on in detention centers
  5. The triggers and effect of Toxic Stress on children
  6. Key steps in mitigating Toxic Stress and the importance of being reunited
  7. Has there been pushback to Dr. Kraft and the AAP’s efforts?
  8. Impact on children who are American citizens
  9. How can people contribute?
  10. What will be the next major phase in this crisis




American Academy of Pediatrics Statement on child separation


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