Episode 97 : Shoshana Ungerleider On The Oscars & “End Game”

Featured Guest: Shoshana Ungerleider

  • Feb 21, 2019

Shoshana Ungerleider is a Hospitalist, founder of End Well & an educator focusing on end-of-life care. She joins us to discuss the evolution of her career, changing the narrative around how we talk about death, and her Oscar-nominated documentary “End Game.”

Key Learnings

1.  The origins of Shoshana’s work and interest in end of life care and her feelings of “moral distress” in the ICU

2. Evolving from having an awakening to what’s important to something scalable and impactful on a population level

3. How she broke from the usual way messages are exchanged in healthcare into public speaking, writing, and movie-making

4. Medical lingo and how it derails communication with patients

5. Is she experiencing any pushback to her work around end-of-life care?

6. The goal behind End Well and creating documentaries like “End Game”

7. The difficulty that comes when a patient is sick & there is lack of clarity around goals of care

8.  Barriers posed by social determinants of health, racial and gender biases associated with end of life care

9. What it’s like to find out you’ve been nominated for an Oscar

10. How the film has allowed for the creation of a toolset for discussing end of life care as part of a larger call to action


Shoshana’s home page: https://www.shoshanaungerleider.com

End Well: https://www.endwellproject.org

End Game movie: http://endgame-documentary.com

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