Episode 98 : Larry Istrail On COFFEE!

Featured Guest: Larry Istrail

  • Feb 26, 2019

I’ve been waiting for the right time and person to discuss the importance of coffee to our daily lives. Larry Istrail is a Hospitalist and a coffee aficionado (like your faithful podcast host) who has started a new coffee roasting company called Pheo Coffee. We discuss coffee as a ritual in medicine, connecting to our shared past through coffee, and the laudable intentions behind his business.

Key Learnings

1. What’s in our cups as we start the episode

2. The role of coffee in the day-to-day in the hospital

3. Why coffee is so tightly bound into the culture of healthcare

4. Surprising someone with a coffee

5. The origin of Pheo Coffee and the importance of social impact

6. Being affiliated with Watsi to help fund surgical procedures overseas & connecting each coffee purchase with a patient’s story

7. How Larry tries to make coffee delivery part of the overall experience of enjoying coffee & honoring medical history

8. Creating awesome coffee-medical fusion swag, especially the caffeine deficiency diagnosis code cup

9. The importance of fresh-roasted coffee and the joy of home roasting

10. Enjoying the wonderful ritual of coffee cupping

11. Larry’s tips for brewing a perfect cup on coffee, complete with video!

12. Connecting doctors and nurses to our shared past and our predecessors through the same wonderful drink they enjoyed

13. The road forward for Pheo Coffee and selecting the right roast for you


Pheo Coffee: www.pheocoffee.com

Twitter: @PheoCoffee
Instagram: @PheoCoffee
Washington Post article can be found here
Sweet Maria’s (everything you need to roast coffee): www.sweetmarias.com
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