Episode 99 : Nick Watts On Climate Change & Human Health

Featured Guest: Nick Watts

  • Feb 28, 2019

Nick Watts is a physician & Executive Director of Lancet Countdown. He joins us to discuss a defining issue for humanity: climate change. We discuss how climate change is a threat multiplier to human health, the role of the individual in responding to climate change, & how Game of Thrones & climate change are interconnected.

Key Learnings

1.  How climate change became Nick’s calling after finishing medical training

2.  Defining the scope of Lancet Countdown and goals of the project

3. Recognizing how climate change is a threat multiplier of determinants of human health and the response can serve as an enormous opportunity to impact health

4. The role of the individual in driving humankind’s response to climate change & tangible steps we can all take today

5. The incredible carbon footprint that healthcare has and the positive impact of reducing emissions in the industry

6. Increasing recognition that a low carbon footprint has a positive effect on public health

7. Why I don’t care about pushback to this effort or addressing climate change denial

8. Ways the Lancet is getting to a wider and wider demographic to increase engagement

9. How climate change is working its way into pop culture

10. The similarities between Game of Thrones and climate change

11. Our shared stories around the impact of climate change as a stimulus for change

12. A call to action, because it’s Go Time!


Lancet Countdown: http://www.lancetcountdown.org

We Are Still In: https://www.wearestillin.com

NHS Sustainable Development Unit: https://www.sduhealth.org.uk

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