Episode 135 : Claudia Schaffner on Earning The Combat Medical Badge

Featured Guest: Claudia Kannel

  • Jul 12, 2019

“I remember him turning to me and saying ‘Hey Doc, you ready?'”

Claudia Schaffner is one of the first women in our nation’s history to be awarded the Combat Medical Badge, which she earned for her service as a medic under fire with the 1st Armored Division during Operation Iraqi Freedom. She joins us to discuss her experiences in combat and being a groundbreaking woman in the United States Army. She also shares how the CMB connects her to her Grandfather, who won the same award during World War II. This is a remarkable conversation with a brave soldier and great leader.

Key Learnings

1. Preparations and training for her first deployment in Iraq and realizing that she would be going into combat

2. The moment she first answered the call for aid in combat

3. One story…

4. The meaning of the Combat Medical Badge

5. Hearing that she was initially not receiving a CMB while men who had done the same work were receiving one, then subsequently learning she was receiving one as well

6. The “Stars & Stripes” article summarizing the award ceremony where Claudia and her teammates received the CMB

7. The connection between Claudia and her Grandfather who also received a Combat Medical Badge during World War II

8. The conversation she had with her Grandfather and learning about his own incredible story

9. Her journey over 4 tours in Iraq, moving into a leadership role, and her perspective on leading in medicine

10. The work she is doing now to heal, regroup, and move on with her life.

11. The importance of staying in touch with the men and women she served with and led during her time in the Army


Twitter: @SchaffnerCK

Stars and Stripes article: https://www.stripes.com/news/1st-ad-medics-given-combat-medical-badges-during-baghdad-ceremony-1.17948

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