Episode 136 : Esther Choo On Being An Influencer

Featured Guest: Esther Choo

  • Jul 15, 2019

Esther Choo is an Emergency Medicine physician, a founder of TimesUp Healthcare, and a cornerstone voice driving progress in our profession. She is a remarkable voice on social media, on stage, and in the press. Her research, creativity, and passion are rocket fuel for change; she is highly sought-after and after speaking with her it is clear why!

Key Learnings

1. Being one of the key influencers for our profession on social media and beyond

2. The moment her social media presence took off and comparing impact to writing for academic publication

3. Reconciling tension between effort and visibility

4. How Esther deals with, learns from, and ignores criticism on social media

5. The art of sharing controversial and provocative takes and trusting your audience will provide guidance on “bad” takes

6. Her path to becoming a student, expert, and spokesperson around issues of gender bias

7. The formation & mission of TimesUp Healthcare and the historical foundation it is built upon

8. Sharing stories of curtailed opportunity, gender-based discrimination, and the loss of so many talented women who left the profession

9. Speaking outside of the echo chamber to audiences on challenging subjects and her techniques for disarming a crowd

10. Starting Equity Quotient and developing metrics and measurements around discrimination and harassment

11. The sensation of being “in demand” and turning it into an opportunity to elevate others



Twitter: @choo_ek

TimesUp Healthcare: https://www.timesuphealthcare.org

Equity Quotient: https://www.eqmedicine.com

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