Episode 90 : Kristin Wikelius On United States Of Care

Featured Guest: Kristin Wikelius

  • Jan 22, 2019

Kristin Wikelius is a Senior Policy Director with United States of Care and she joins us to discuss the vision of the organization, how illness and sickness can provide common ground for progress, and why Medicaid at the state level is a good place to start

Key Learnings

1. What is United States of Care and what is the mission & vision

2. Health and illness as a societal leveler independent of any other considerations

3. Initial goals of shifting healthcare debate from something defined by a single policy or party to something mission-driven

4. Defining Medicaid as a cornerstone of American healthcare

5. Dispelling misconceptions and negative connotations of Medicaid through personal stories.

6. Why a focus on Medicaid at the state level is the right approach in the near-term

7. How states are responding to possibility of Medicaid buy-in approach

8. What does success look like in this first phase & what’s working so far

9. Where has pushback come from & how are physicians responding

10. Recognizing that partisan divides at state level are much less pronounced than federal level & how this is an accelerant for progress

11. The value of elevating the stories we all carry around healthcare as a driver of progress


United States of Care: www.unitedstatesofcare.org

Twitter: @usofcare

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