Episode 160 : Malika Siker On Radiation & Vulnerability

Featured Guest: Malika Siker

  • Dec 03, 2019

“I think what’s important is to model a lot of vulnerability”

Malika Siker is a Radiation Oncologist & Associate Dean for Student Inclusion & Diversity at Medical College of Wisconsin. We speak about the importance of relatability & vulnerability in cancer care as well as the mysterious world of radiation medicine. We also spend time on the importance of community work at a local level as opposed to chasing a national reputation and learning to prioritize. This is inspiring stuff from an important emerging leader. 

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Key Learnings

1.  Diving into the mystery of Radiation Oncology

2. The correct fantasy character comparison for Rad-Onc

3. “It’s because of the nature of the linear accelerator”

4. The importance of relatability & vulnerability

5. Healthcare literacy, health equity and fear in radiation treatment

6. Addressing cancer disparaties in the LGBTQ community & creating smoke-free environments at community events

7. Tension around national recognition and local activism

8.  Developing the ability to say “No” & what she is prioritizing

9. Courage and its role in her work

10. The value of helping patients understand when a physician doesn’t know everything

11. A highlight of studying at the Sorbonne

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