Episode 159 : Alex Anderson On Sharing Our Inner Voice

Featured Guest: Alex Anderson

  • Nov 26, 2019

We’re all battling our demons all the time. You can either shove them in the closet or just bring them out.”

Alex Anderson is an Anesthesiologist and a superb, thoughtful voice on social media. She shares wisdom around how and why she shares her inner voices, both positive and negative. We also discuss focusing on gratitude, dealing with death and fear in medicine, and the Beastie Boys. Her insight and wisdom on moving through life are incredibly compelling, and if it sounds like we were cracking up as the episode starts, we were.

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Key Learnings

1. Why Alex is on social media

2. The things that bring about anxiety as a voice on social media

3. Where Alex feels comfortable sharing

4. Sharing her inner voice and befriending her demons

5. Responding to requests from followers and fans

6. How someone can have more than one focus that is “all-consuming”

7. Prioritizing a sense of gratitude and appreciation

8. Why Alex doesn’t keep track of every case anymore

9. Dealing with death and fear

10. Wherein we bring Anesthesia and The Beastie Boys together

11. What is next for Alex and her Inner Voice


Alex on Twitter @AlexAndersonMD

“Shake Your Rump

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