Episode 158 : Jared Yates Sexton On Toxic Masculinity

Featured Guest: Jared Yates Sexton

  • Nov 14, 2019


“We wear costumes until we don’t realize it’s a costume anymore”

Jared Yates Sexton is a political analyst and the author of “The Man They Wanted Me To Be: Toxic Masculinity and a Crisis of Our Own Making”, We discuss the underpinnings of Toxic Masculinity, its destructive impact and the importance of communication. This is a unique and important conversation.

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Key Learnings

1. The intention behind “The Man They Wanted Me To Be”

2. Defining the roots and constructs of Toxic Masculinity

3. Jared’s own story and the impact of abuse

4. Toxic Masculinity and the holidays

5. Gateways towards radicalization

6. Bullying and insecurity

7. The privilege of white men being able to say and do things at a different level than the rest of society.

8. Handling the question: what are men supposed to be now?

9. The 5 “acceptable” characteristics: Athlete, Wealthy, Player, Farmer, Outlaw

10. How we wear “costumes” and perform a character until we forget it’s even a character

11. The impact of communication on American men and the story of Jared’s Dad


Jared’s website

Twitter: @jysexton

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