Episode 104 : Christina Farr On Apple, Medical Data Sales, & Biohacking

Featured Guest: Christina Farr

  • Mar 20, 2019

Christina Farr covers digital health for CNBC and, between her scoops, her writing, and her epic Twitter feed, is the clear leader in this work. She is back for her 4th visit to Explore The Space; we discuss Apple’s current moves, the difference between selling hardware and selling data, and some great biohacking stories.

Key Learnings

1. The company and technology that is moving the needle the most in the digital healthcare space

2. The ways that Apple is wading into healthcare beyond wearable tech, including the one Christina thinks is “the holy grail”

3. Is the patient or the profit margin at the center of the pursuit of the holy grail of medical tech?

4. Why is Apple hiring doctors?

5. The difference between selling data and selling hardware in the medical-tech space

6. Concerns around the sale of patient data and her story on Facebook contacting hospitals to aggregate data on social determinants of health

7. Topics and scoops that draw Christina’s interest and how she is able to diversify the reporting for her audience

8. Ways in which push-back toward health-tech and the hype machine manifests

9. Christina’s forays into biohacking subculture, using the “Keto-Kazoo” and eating lots of cheese


Twitter: @chrissyfarr

Article on Facebook seeking patient data from hospitals

Article on biohacking and the keto diet

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