Episode 105 : Vivek Wadhwa On The Coming Healthcare Revolution

Featured Guest: Vivek Wadhwa

  • Mar 22, 2019

Vivek Wadhwa is a Silicon Valley futurist, renaissance man, & raconteur. He joins us for an provocative & rollicking discussion of artificial intelligence in healthcare, the current and future state of health data privacy, & how his personal journey spurs his work. He brings a sense of urgency and enthusiasm to this topic, and shares why he feels that way. Caution: hot takes ahead!

Key Learnings

1. Laying out the underpinnings of a revolution in the next 5-10 years

2. The idea of having sensors on our bodies measuring and tracking our biometircs

3. Miniaturization and nano-bots providing targeted therapy

4. Genomics and the impact of massively decreased costs

5. Connecting these three components with artificial intelligence to build a data-driven revolution in healthcare

6. Are tech companies putting patients or plunder at the center?

7. Vivek gives the most succinct assessment of privacy concerns and health data you’ll ever get.

8. How we can get a “Democratization of diagnostics”

9. Helping to define AI as a tool for pattern recognition and data analytics

10. What the role of the physician will be in this brave new world and how do people begin to learn about this

11. How the illness of a loved one has spurred Vivek’s interest in this work the impact of having yourself or a loved one be “deep water sick”


Vivek Wadhwa’s homepage: www.wadhwa.com

How health apps feed your data to Facebook

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