Episode 150 : Emily Silverman On Getting Out Of The Comfort Zone

Featured Guest: Emily Silverman

  • Sep 11, 2019

“There’s something exciting about gathering together in a room and sharing that space”

Emily Silverman is the creator and host of The Nocturnists, which is wonderful and great and on a rocket ship to the moon. This is her second time on Explore The Space, we discuss getting out of the comfort zone, helping the profession of medicine become more inclusive for the public, and the thrill of taking the stage. We also discuss our upcoming live show!

Click here for our live show Friday 10/18 in San Francisco, tickets are available!

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Key Learnings

1. Emily’s concentric rings of getting out of the comfort zone (I loved this take!)

2. The Lizzo analogy and the 3 components of success

3. Getting out of the comfort zone as a generalizable concept

4. Why learning about medicine is attractive to society as a whole

5. How old narratives keep physicians from receiving much sympathy from society

6. The new and different ecosystem of medicine

7. Emily’s sense of the importance of changing narratives about medicine and being a doctor

8. What happens in a live show and why there’s nothing else like it

9. Meeting on Twitter and IRL!


Twitter @ESilvermanMD, @thenocturnists

Nocturnists website: http://thenocturnists.com

Emily’s first episode on Explore The Space podcast

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