Episode 77 : Emily Silverman On Medical Storytelling & “The Nocturnists”

Featured Guest: Emily Silverman

  • Oct 03, 2018

Emily Silverman is a Hospitalist and the creator of “The Nocturnists” podcast and live show. If you love stories from the dark corners of medicine, and the light and lively corners as well, “The Nocturnists” is an amazing place to spend some time. We cover the origins of the show, how stories humanize physicians and healthcare, and the amazing growth of her project.

Key Learnings

  1. How her love of storytelling, writing and “The Moth Podcast” led to “The Nocturnists”
  2. The first live event of “The Nocturnists” in January, 2016
  3. How her project is helping satisfy the public demand for powerful medical stories
  4. Thoughts on the power differential between doctors and the public and how stories can help humanize physicians
  5. Why doctors put up emotional shields and the “hidden curriculum” of medical training
  6. Themes that are emerging in the stories being told
  7. The coaching process being used by the storytellers she works with and how to incorporate into clinical practice
  8. What the future of her project looks like
  9. Being a Hospitalist and a podcaster
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