Episode 149 : Daniel Kraft On Collaboration & Exponential Medicine

Featured Guest: Daniel Kraft

  • Sep 04, 2019

“How can you converge to solve things in new ways, to get people to say “Yes, and?” That’s where the rocket fuel comes from”

Daniel Kraft is a Bone Marrow Transplant physician, as well as Founder & Chair of Exponential Medicine. This only scratches the surface of his incredible bio, so we discuss the impact of having multiple different interests & how surrounding yourself people from different backgrounds is rocket fuel for innovation. This episode is just pure fun and inspiration, enjoy!

Key Learnings

1. What pluripotency means to Daniel

2. Why comparing ourselves to someone else can be a negative

3. Surrounding yourself with others to help you up your own game and break down silos

4. The power of attention

5. Collaboration & having an exponential mindset

6. What is Exponential Medicine

7. Wherein I get to set up my betting shop to help determine what’s coming next

8. The value of curating connections when at a conference and getting out of your comfort zone at a conference

9. Using technology like QR codes to improve how we introduce ourselves

Twitter: @daniel_kraft

Daniel’s website: https://danielkraftmd.net

International Space University: http://www.isunet.edu

Exponential Medicine: www.ExponentialMedicine.com 

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