Episode 148 : Jessi Gold On Mental Illness, Illusory Truth Effect & Gun Violence

Featured Guest: Jessi Gold

  • Aug 29, 2019

“It’s very hard for people to see things happen and not have a reason”

Jessi Gold is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Washington University, she joins us after a horrible string of mass shootings to discuss gun violence, illusory truth effect, and mental illness. We jump into the superb Time Magazine article she wrote alongside Megan Ranney, this is an essential look into the impact of talking points and obfuscation around gun violence. We also examine the damage caused by conflations and stigma, and the importance of psychiatrists finding their voice on this issue to overcome voices of obfuscation. This is an important episode on a crucial topic.

Key Learnings

1. Illusory Truth Effect and why the conflation of gun violence & mental illness is wrong

2. The gap between gun violence and mental illness and how stigma and conflation play out

3. Searching for realistic and actionable explanations in the face of horror

4. The dangerous impact of illusory truth effect to not only avoid real causes, but also divert away from solutions

5. Assessing impact of gun violence on survivors, families, and our communities, and the lack of research on these subjects

6. Dr. Patrice Harris’ superb statement on gun violence and the power of multiple expert voices speaking clearly and consistently

7. Barriers to speaking publicly on this issue felt by Psychiatrists

8. The importance of staying on message & not responding to Illusory Truth Effect & distraction


Twitter: @drjessigold

Time Magazine article: https://time.com/5645747/gun-violence-mental-illness/

Jessi’s website: drjessigold.com

Megan Ranney on Explore The Space podcast: https://www.explorethespaceshow.com/podcasting/megan-ranney-on-ending-gun-violence/

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