Episode 116 : Megan Ranney On Ending Gun Violence

Featured Guest: Megan Ranney

  • May 03, 2019

Megan Ranney is an Emergency physician & a national leader in the gun violence prevention movement. She joins us after working overnight in the ED to discuss this growing movement, the gag rule on gun violence discussion since 1996 & the Dickey amendment, and her wish list to keep building momentum. Megan is an extraordinary leader & this is a vital discussion

Key Learnings

1. Why Megan is my kind of leader

2. Getting physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to deal with gun trauma

3. The effect a bullet has on the team taking care of the person who’s been shot.

4. An epiphany around how we haven’t been talking about prevention with respect to gun violence in medical education

5. Wherein Megan shares being told she was not allowed to talk about gun violence and we learn about an unofficial gag order after The Dickey Amendment

6. Important turning points in igniting firearm research like Sandy Hook

7. Creating hope around gun violence prevention and sharing the weight in this heavy work

8. Breaking the false dichotomy of being against gun violence meaning you’re anti-Constitution and learning from Congressman Mike Thompson that physicians must stand up

9. Levers we can pull to help bring other people aboard

10. The absurdity of gun violence prevention being a partisan issue

11. Speaking about Rock The Ride as an example of the growing movement

12. Megan’s wish list (this is awesome!)


Affirm Research: www.affirmresearch.org, @researchaffirm

Rock The Ride: www.rocktheridenapa.com

House Resolution 8: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/8

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