Episode 115 : Bryan Vartabedian On So Many Cool Topics!

Featured Guest: Bryan Vartabedian

  • Apr 30, 2019

“Doctors are looking for a place to put bigger ideas”

Bryan Vartabedian is a bon vivant physician on social media. He’s been active on Twitter for over a decade, he blogs, he podcasts. This is a wide ranging chat on hype cycles, technological determinism, & getting rid of stupid stuff. Fantastic stuff w/ tons of links below, enjoy!

Also, Bryan will be onstage at the upcoming dotMD festival, widely reputed to be the most fun, interesting, and all-around wonderful medical conference on the planet.

Key Learnings

1. The value of the unscripted podcast interview

2. On being an early physician adopter on Twitter, as Bryan started in 2008

3. Twitter use, overuse, and finding the sweet spot.

4. The explosion of social media and medicine and how we can engage with non-physicians who are seeking to learn more.

5. The fun & value of interacting with people who aren’t physicians on Twitter

6. An epic battle over getting our best stuff out there and dumb medical journal publishing guidelines

7. The hierarchy of where to publish content for best reach and best effect

8. Importance of tempo in publication in the 21st century: White Paper w/ Vinny Arora (@futuredocs) & Charlie Wray (@wraycharles) as example

9. We deep-dive on long Twitter threads w/ educations view (#MedThreads), including the masterful work by Tony Breu (@Tony_Breu on Twitter)

10. Social media hierarchies & capacity for influence

11. Why this is the most interesting time to be in medicine & being at the apex of a hype cycle (why this episode needed to be unscripted!)

12. EHRs, frustration, and “Getting Rid of Stupid Stuff”

13. Wherein Mark learns about “Technological Determinism”


Bryan’s blog: https://33charts.com

The Exam Room Podcast: http://touchpoint.health/shows/the-exam-room/

The Gartner Hype  Cycle: https://www.gartner.com/en/research/methodologies/gartner-hype-cycle

Avi O’Glasser’s (@aoglasser) episode on Explore The Space discussing physicians and social media

Vinny Arora & Charlie Wray on Explore The Space discussing social media & professional CVs

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