Episode 109 : Avital O’Glasser On Social Media, Healthcare, & Community

Featured Guest: Avital O'Glasser

  • Apr 09, 2019

Avital O’Glasser is a leading physician on Twitter who is helping to drive a rapidly evolving revolution in medical information exchange. She is also Associate Professor of Medicine & Associate Program Director for Scholarship & Social Media at Oregon Health Sciences University. She joins us to discuss how Twitter & social media can help harness the positive & overturn outdates norms in communication and education.

Key Learnings

1. What is actually happening in medicine with social media, using conferences as a specific example

2. How #MedTwitter has “harnessed the positive” of social media

3. The power dynamic change where student and teacher on social media are completely reversed in the hospital & how old norms are being detonated

4. Wherein Mark admits he doesn’t know what “meta” means

5. Accessing conversations and personalities from all around the world just by using a hashtag

6. The standard way information in medicine is presented and the opportunity social media provides to upend this

7. Tracking metrics and measuring impact on social media vs journal articles vanishing into PubMed hell

8. The new reality of social media & medicine as reflected in new leadership posts and the incredible bandwidth a single tweet can get

9. Ways in which social media can drive change in medicine around gender equity & underrepresented minorities

10. Getting a sense of what is starting to happen here


Avi’s Twitter feed: @aoglasser

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