Episode 114 : Rob Mitchell On Accessing Toughness

Featured Guest: Rob Mitchell

  • Apr 25, 2019

“On the path to achieving something extraordinary, you will do extraordinary things.”

Rob Mitchell spent a career serving in the Navy SEALs & the CIA. He has since built a lengthy list of completed endurance events and ultramarathons. He joins me for a fascinating conversation around accessing toughness in different situations,  staying calm in a crisis & not comparing your toughness to your perception of anyone else’s.

Key Learnings

1. Rob’s initial reactions to his being described as “tough” or having “toughness”

2. Different pathways that would call on someone to exhibit characteristics of toughness: internal & external

3. Walking an internal pathway where you can test yourself and your own toughness moving towards a goal & committing to an outcome.

4. How to tap necessary levers of toughness to walk towards a goal & fulfilling a commitment

5. What makes up the essence of focus

6. The other path requiring toughness where time is compressed & the need for toughness is thrust upon them by external factors.

7. Are the skills to move along the second pathway similar to those of the first?

8. The importance of staying calm and having faith in oneself as part of a crisis response

9. How a support team impacts the journey and the vital nature of infrastructure, clarity, & accountability

10. The euphoria that can accompany the journey and the importance of not comparing one person’s journey to your own.

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