Episode 113 : Shawna Pandya On Going Beyond Boundaries

Featured Guest: Shawna Pandya

  • Apr 23, 2019

Shawna Pandya is pluripotent. Whether it’s medicine, spacesuit testing, diving, or martial arts, she stays out on the sharp edge & has made a life out of pushing limits. Her stories and approaches to pushing past individual boundaries are that rare mix of accessible and inspiring. Another unique highlight: hearing her parakeets respond to her enthusiasm

Key Learnings

1. Some quick-hitter questions

2. When did the spirit of adventure strike?

3. Living by the credo “this looks fun, let’s try it, and I’m still here so let’s do the next thing”

4. Mark’s skydiving story (thanks Dave) & Shawna’s skydiving story. Hers is crazier

5. How pushing one’s limits helps define one’s character

6. Pursuing boundaries so you can see what lives beyond them

7. Living according to Newton’s Laws of Motion

8. Shawna’s approach to fighting & this image

9. The importance of building fundamentals, setting goals, & focusing on values

10. The physiology of aerobatic flight and discussing this picture (and the parakeets went bonkers!)

11. A deep-dive into concepts of resilience and how physicians can take agency over the component that can help drive success & fulfillment

12. Is Shawna’s goal to be an astronaut?


Shawna Pandya’s website: http://shawnapandya.com

Twitter: @shawnapandya

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