Episode 117 : Valorie Kondos-Field On Developing Superheroes

Featured Guest: Valorie Kondos-Field

  • May 06, 2019

“Being courageous is taking that step confidently without any guarantee of a result”

Valorie Kondos-Field is one of the greatest coaches in history at any level, ever. She won 7 NCAA championships, 15, PAC-12 championships & coached hundreds of extraordinary athletes over nearly 3 decades as Head Coach of the UCLA Women’s Gymnastics team.  She joins us & shares incredible wisdom around creating a high performing team, taking teammates to another level of performance, and sharing her breast cancer diagnosis as well as the best questions to ask children as they enter competitive sports.

Key Learnings

1. When Mark first interviewed Coach Val 22 years ago

2. Building in a dynamic wherein new teammates can buy in quickly, find their voice, and take ownership

3. How to encourage a Growth Mindset as a leader without it sounding like a platitude.

4. Coach Val’s approach to remediation and the single most important step to changing behavior

5. Taking extraordinarily talented people to a higher level than they thought possible

6. Using her own leadership tools as a way to move through her breast cancer diagnosis in 2014

7. Sharing personal challenges with your team as a leader, and how Coach Val informed her team she had breast cancer

8. The power of courage and transparency in sharing her cancer diagnosis and treatment with her athletes.

9. The next phase of her career and sounding the call for how we challenge and support children around sports and competition.


Coach Val’s website: www.officialmissval.com

Coach Val’s Twitter: @OfficialMissVal

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